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Why does concrete fail? 
For a multitude of reasons, as there is only one way to do concrete right, and we can show you how to do it right, the first time, every time.

What is haphazard concrete versus formulated concrete? 
Haphazard concrete always fails and usually has low compressive strength.  Correctly formulated concrete is the only way to go.

How do you know when there’s too much water in the mix?
Concrete segregates and it dusts, once hardened.  It always peels, dusts, and or cracks.  Cracks are plastic shrinkage, drying shrinkage, crazing or structural.

What is dusting?
The result of using too much water, thus causing fine particulate to rise to the surface.

What is peeling?
When larger pieces of hardened mortar come away from the concrete surface.

What is discoloration?
Differences in color (light and dark) caused by changing cements, changing aggregates, and excessive use of calcium chloride in concrete formulation.

What is scaling?
Smaller particles of concrete come off the concrete surface as a result of the lack of entrained air which is exposed to the weather elements.

What is spalling?
The separation of larger pieces from the concrete.

What are blisters?
Bumps on the hardened concrete surface, which are usually caused during the final finishing process.


How can I immediately improve my concrete quality and production?



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