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KADCO SCC, Type A and F, the perfect way to eliminate “bug holes” in vertical surfaces, and this does not require VMA.

KADCO NCA, Type C and E, non-chloride accelerator and water-reducer, eliminator of oxidation of embedded metals and metal forms.

KADCO AEA, the perfect air entrainment agent which keeps air present long after it is batched.

KADCO MIXER MAGIC, which is sprayed on the inside of mixers at the start of the day in order to make mixer clean up at the end of the day much easier and more efficient.

KADCO ENVIROCLEAN is sprayed on the mixer at the end of the day, allowed to set for 20 minutes and then the hardened concrete and cement dust is easily washed off with no damage to metal or paint.


KADCO ES 2000 is the perfect admixture for block manufacturing.

KADCO 860 is the perfect admixture for dry pipe manufacturing.

KADCO FINISHEASE, Type A, the perfect admixture for finishing flatwork, and making finishers happy.

KADCO can deliver our above admixtures in the following shipments:

5 Gallon Pails

55 Gallon Drums

275 Gallon non-returnable Totes

KADCO PRODUCTS has many other products available for the concrete industry.

KADCO POLYPROPYLENE FIBERS including monofilament, fibrillated, Multi-Plus, and Multi-Macro Structural. They can be cut to any length and packaged in water soluble bags of any desired weight. Our fibers will not appear as lint or fuzz on any concrete. Our industry best polypropylene fibers will greatly reduce labor and materials costs versus metal wire mesh.

Are you considering adding Fly Ash or ground slag or LKD [lime kiln dust] to your mix to reduce your cementitious costs? And do you need another bulk silo? We have a beautiful pneumatic silo for you.


We have the very best hand cleaner for anyone who works with cement and concrete. We will provide a free sample with your first purchase.
We have the very best absorbent pads made. They will absorb any liquid spill. Ask us for a free sample.


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